What is the average cost of a worktop ?
Worktops can vary in price according to the Type of stone and the amount of stone required. Some stones are much more expensive than others.
What is involved in ordering a worktop?

We would normally price a worktop off a kitchen plan and once a price is agreed one of our team would call to your house and template the kitchen in plywood sheets. Other items such as cills , upstands and backsplashes would also be agreed at this time. Then we take the templates and fabricate the worktop from these measurements. Once ready we agree a date to install the worktop. Most worktops will be fitted in one day.

How long does it take to get a worktop fitted?

We would normally fit a worktop within seven working days of the kitchen being templated.

What type of edging do you do?

We can do many types of edging . Typical types are flat profile with a beval, Half Bullnose, New York Edge, Shark Nose Edge, Box Profile, Drop down edge or a Double edged profile.

What is the difference between Granite and Quartz?

Granite is a natural material and Quartz is a man made material. Both have different qualities and appearances. There are hundreds of different colours of granite and even these have different properties. Typically quartz is harder, is non porous , therefore has good stain resistance. It also has good heat resistance. Granite has a more natural look and feel to it and some granite may need to be sealed. It also has good heat resistance.

Do we seal the stone?
Yes we seal all our granite and marbles with Dry Treat which is the industry standard. This sealer is the best on the market and if the granite is looked after properly you will have no issues. Quartz does not have to be sealed.
Silestone FAQ
About Silestone® by Cosentino


The worldwide brand leader in quartz surfaces, Silestone® by Cosentino, consists of more than 90% natural quartz. This high-tech material is highly resistant to stains, knocks and scratches, and has a low level of fluid absorption. It also has an exclusive bacteriostatic property, several product guarantees and certificates and the upper level of service, quality and responsibility of the Cosentino Group. Silestone® comes in (over) OR (up to) 60 colours, three textures and several different formats; making it a versatile product with large format pieces without joints. Thanks to these special properties, Silestone® surfaces are highly suitable for the kitchen, bathroom and demanding buildings such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories etc.


Silestone® also includes a recycled series called Eco Line, which establishes a new standard for sustainable construction and design. Eco Line is manufactured with at least 50% recycled raw materials. It is a pioneering and eco-friendly product which sensibly makes use of natural resources and offers beautiful design and excellent performance.


Silestone® is present in some of the world’s most unique constructions, such as the Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Wembley Stadium in London, Jean Nouvel’s Agbar Tower in Barcelona and Telefónica’s flagship store in Madrid. Silestone® is also present in the prestigious kitchens of the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian, and of recognised restaurants like David Muñoz’s DiverXO, Andoni Luis Aduriz’s Mugaritz in Rentería, Dani Garcia’s Calima in Marbella and Sergi Arola’s Gastró Arola in Madrid. International celebrity chefs such as Jose Andrés have prepared their best recipes in kitchens equipped with Silestone® worktops.  Since 2011, the Cosentino Group has sponsored and been the official provider of worktops for “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”.


Silestone® was the first quartz surface brand to advertise in the biggest publicity event in the world, the US Superbowl in 2005. Since then, Silestone® has been one of the main sponsors of the NBA US basketball team, Houston Rockets. Currently, Silestone® also sponsors Unión Deportiva Almería, a team in the Spanish first division football league.


Pioneering quartz surface, Silestone® has revolutionised the global stone industry and its growth has been unstoppable, to the point where it has become the world’s leading brand, with its main markets being the US, Spain and the UK in terms of sales.